OK, you can write beautiful lyrics but you don’t play any instrument. Or you want to record an existing song, maybe with self-made lyrics? Or you find it hard to compose the music to your lyrics, or you just don’t know how it all works. Or you want to have a completely new song written. We will help you with that. With anything in the field of music.


We write songs to your lyrics, make lyrics, make vocal recordings in our singing studio and make music in all styles. From ballads, pop to songs in Dutch. And all of this at very affordable prices. We can, for example, write the music to your lyrics at only € 95.00. For more information take a look further on on this website. Make your own song!


Also in case you don’t want to sing, or you can’t, we can have your song sung for you. We have a number of fantastic singers who can do that for you. Look here for info and samples.


Everything offered to you on this website, is being developed and executed by ourselves, without any intermediary of other parties or contracted musicians. That’s why we can offer it at a very attractive price. In this way we composed over 24 songs in the past period, recorded 65 existing songs, wrote 2 commercals en made a lot of people happy with their own music.


We have a Dutch and German version of this website available. For the Dutch version click here. For the German version click here.


We keep our gear updated with the best and newest stuff. Lately we invested in the new iMac 5K 27-inch 4Ghz i7, the great Audient iD22 audiocard, a beautiful Nuemann TLM102 microphone and the iPad Pro. We use the Behringer X-touch as general mixer. Headphones we use the BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro.


From October 1st, 2015 we offer a free video recording if you come and record with us. We will also upload it on YouTube. On the right side you will find some examples of the results. You can then share it with your friends and acquaintances.


Have a look at our Facebookpage and Instagram for more information, examples, latest news and uploads en pictures.


Give somebody one of our packages as a gift! On www.geefeenliedkado.nl you can give our services as a gift to someone (Dutch language).



Koen writes lyrics himself. The lyrics of this song were made by him. We wrote the music, played the instruments, recorded and mixed the vocals and recorded and re-edited the video. The result is this fresh summery song. Meanwhile we are busy for Koen with our fifth song.


Annemarie wrote this lyrics herself. For her birthday her mother offered this project. We wrote the music, recorded the backigntrack, did the recordings, mis and video.


Fleur (14) recorded in one session of 2 hours 6 songs… She’s a champion 🙂 This song is one of them. She sings the Sheehan song in her own way. We must say we like it more then the original. Well done Fleur!.