Ok, you make beautiful lyrics but don’t play an instrument. Or do you want to record an existing song, perhaps with a text you have made yourself? Or you have trouble writing the music with your lyrics, or you just don’t know how. Or you want to have a whole new song made. And have a lyrics written. We help you with that! With everything in the field of music, in all styles. Look at our packages for the possibilities. Or for example for what we have already done.

what we do

We write the music to your text, make lyrics for special occasions, record your vocals in our singing studio and write music in all styles. From ballads, pop to dance. And that for the most affordable prices.

And always including vocal coaching, free backing track and free video on youtube. We are the only ones to offer this. Look at our webshop for our prices. Create your own song!

let your song be sung

Studio Singer

Have your song performed by one of our singers. If you cannot sing yourself (for a check click here) but you still want to have your own song or text sung, that is a fantastic option. Click here for our singers. You can view information there and listen to a fragment.


You are with a group? Maybe visiting Amsterdam as a tourist? Come and sing your favorite song in our studio! For groups until 26 persons. Check our special website: www.amsterdamkaraoke.com

our work

Everything we do is developed and executed by ourselves. So without the intervention of other parties, studios or hired musicians. We do not outsource anything. That is why we can offer it for a very attractive price. And our years of experience in writing, producing and recording songs and vocal coaching also come in handy. Look at our examples here.

our studio's

We offer several studio’s in The Netherlands and Belgium. You are welcome to do your vocal recordings here with these awesome recording people.


We love buttons and quality. This means that we are constantly updating our equipment to deliver the best quality. We wrok on Mac Studio Ultra, SSL mixing console, UAD Sphere Mics, UAD Apollo Audio Interface/plugins. And as headphones with the BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro. 


We are originally from Amsterdam. But more and more Belgian and German customers know where to find us. Some of them visit us in Amsterdam. If you think that is too far, you are more than welcome at our partner studios in Brecht and Antwerp central. Click here for more information about the studios in Belgium: www.letsmakeyoursong.be  and here for tour German website: www.letsmakeyoursong.de


We offer a free video registration when you come to make recordings with us. We also put it on youtube for you. Above is an example of what that looks like. You can easily and quickly share it with your friends and acquaintances (currently only available in Amsterdam en Brecht).


Also take a look at our Facebook page and Instagram for more examples, the latest news and photos. And here you can subscribe to our nice Youtube channel.


Give one of our packages as a gift to someone! Next to each package is a button to click through. Or visit the website www.geefeenliedkado.nl


On this website you will find several examples of songs, videos and lyrics that we have made. Click on our ‘examples’ page for much more.

what do customers write about us

“Super satisfied with the song made for me. Your wishes are listened to very carefully and exactly what you mean is understood. Very friendly, spontaneous and a nice positive energy. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to do something with music! A well deserved 5 stars! ” – Mike

“Fantastic experience, very fast response, flexible, and thinks along to achieve the best possible result. My kids superstars thought it was great fun to do and the end result turned out to be fun beyond expectations. ” – Elise

“Had a very nice afternoon recording my father’s song. Recording equipment very good, nice sound. My dad was also very comfortable and thinks that your tips made his song better! Thank you!” – Mary

create backing track


You want to sing a song but can’t find the backing track (music without vocals, instrumental). Or the backing track is available but you want a different version of the song, higher / lower, faster / slower. Maybe with just guitar or piano. A very own version that suits you. A so-called “cover”. A well-known song that you adapt to your own taste, style and voice. Then look here: www.instrumental-version.com


From now on we also offer mastering of your song. More info? Click here.

ssl and ideal

We have implemented an SSL certificate on our website. This means that your payment order / traffic and your data are demonstrable and guaranteed safe. The payment itself goes via iDeal, so completely safe through your own bank. In these times of hackers and nefarious web surfers, a nice reassurance.

these singers have already preceded you