Mother with three daughters came to take ‘I won’t give up’ a-capella with us, they had a lot of fun with it and the result is very beautiful.

On behalf of FOX Nederland we wrote the music, made the backing track and recorded the vocals for this TV promotion. Can be seen on all FOX TV channels.

Noëlle is came to our studio to record the song ‘Let it go – James Bay’. It was there in three takes. Nicely done Noelle!

We wrote the music and arrangement of this personal song for singer Jeremy. We have also played all instruments.

We wrote the lyrics and music of this memorial song for a Belgian customer. Our Belgian singer Andy has sung it.

We did these recordings and made the video for Shaya. This is possible in our studio for a green screen. More info?

Koen made this text. We wrote the music, played the instruments, did the vocal recordings, mixed and made the video.

Together with Mike wrote and produced this song. We also did the instruments, vocal recordings, the mix and the video.

Fleur sang this sweet song for us beautifully. We made the lyrics and music and played the piano part.

We wrote the lyrics and music for Albert. He proposed to his wife-to-be in this original way.

We have written and produced all the music for the channel ‘Prins & Puck’, an exciting series of films about the experiences of Prins and Puck.

Madita had ordered the pro pack. We made and produced this song. And with a video drone also this music video on the beach.

Saar and her daughter Lissy recorded this song ‘Mooi’ by Marco Borsato. Following this video they are invited to sing it on television in a live show with Marco Borsato himself.

We wrote the music and lyrics of this summer song for singer Jos Bosma. We also did the recording and production. And later this cheerful video was made.

father, son and daughter came to sing this song for mom’s birthday. They made the text themselves to the tune of ‘Just ask my mother’ by Bloem.

We wrote this song for a singer. We made the lyrics and music, played the instruments and did the recordings with the singer. And it has become a nice summer song.

We wrote this song for Milko, completely in the way and style he wanted. The text was made by his wife. It was a present for his birthday. The video is the small green screen session.

We made this happy song for a Belgian who wanted to propose to his girlfriend in this original way. We have written lyrics and music. And of course she said yes!

For daycare center BINK we wrote this song and did the entire production, including video. And also recorded on location with the kids.

Maurits and Lisette got married. As a surprise to all guests, they have beautifully recorded this song by John Legend in two parts. It was played during their marriage.

Jorian has recorded several songs with us and wanted to record this Dutch song for a long time. We made the recordings and mix and immediately afterwards the video.

We wrote this text for a happy wedding. And our singer Ruben sang it for the customer. Also see:

Mette came to record this beautiful song from Adele for her upcoming wedding. It was a surprise to everyone present. And she sang it beautifully.

Annemarie wrote this text herself. We wrote the music, played the instruments, did the recording / mixing and made the video.

father and two daughters joined us in the studio to record a John Denver lead for a special occasion. One of those songs you never hear. And very beautifully sung in polyphony!

We wrote this song (lyrics and music) on behalf of the singer Jos Bosma. We also did the music production and the vocals. And he made this video clip himself.

We work with singers to have lyrics sing in. Iwan has, by order, sang the song ‘Photo from the past’ to a self-made text by Cees for Anita who turned 40.

Oonagh joined us to sing this beautiful song. There was no proper backing track (music without vocals / karaoke) so we made it for her. And that resulted in these beautiful recordings.

And of course it is carnival every year. Together with this duo we wrote and produced this cracker. We also recorded all instruments and did the vocal mix.

We made this sweet song for a newborn daughter on behalf of a Belgian customer. Our Evelien sang it very nicely, including the backing choirs.