Yes, the payment is 100% secure. Payment is done with iDeal. This goes through your own bank. We work with prepayment.

How do I make an appointment

After you have made the payment, you can make an appointment by email or call us. We record during the week, in the evening, and from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Other times in consultation.

I want something different in mind

If you want something different in the music / video field and you can’t find it on this website, give us a call. For example, we also make music for short films, commercials and sound bites. And in addition instruction films and video recordings.

Do you want an extensive music video? Or if you want to do a fun singing workshop:

what is

At (currently only in Dutch language) you can order gift certificates for recordings and all other services we offer here. 

how many people can I bring

When you come to record a song you can bring two people. More is possible in consultation. If you want to sing with more people, we can accommodate up to 12 people in our studio. For more people, we divert to a larger space.

what about that free video

If you come to make recordings with us, you will receive a free video registration. And that is completely free of charge.

can I get a discount

Yes, you can get a discount if you purchase multiple services. You get a 25% discount on making a video if you let us write a song and record it with us. As a regular customer you also get a discount on your next project.

I have a backing track myself. is that possible

Yes of course. If you deliver your music two days in advance, we will prepare it. Or you take it with you on a USB stick.

should I be able to sing

A little is useful. But even if you are not sure whether your vote is satisfactory, you can come. We have equipment to make your voice sound clearer and in tune. So don’t worry. Read more about how to check if you can sing and how things are going in our studio here:

how do I get music

If available, we supply the backing track (music without vocals or karaoke) completely free of charge. We’ll send it to you so you can practice at home. If you want to check whether your music is available, look here:

Even if the music is not available, you can have the music made by us. See here for more information and prices:

what about rights

When you have your own song made, the copyrights lie with the person who makes the lyrics / music. So if you have written the lyrics yourself, the rights of the text remain with you, the music with us. Also take a look at our conditions for more information about this.