The PRO package is our most comprehensive package and unique opportunity for those who want to be closely involved in the writing of their song. We discuss your wishes regarding the text content and your music preference in a personal conversation in our studio. Then we create the text and present it at the piano with a first outline of the music in your presence. There is then plenty of time to play through and refine your wishes at the piano and perhaps apply your own ideas. When the song is finished, we present it in your presence. This way you will be closely involved in the creation of your own song. Furthermore, the package includes:

-write text
add music
piano backing track
practice track with vocals
recording the song
mixing and mastering
-three contact / consultation moments
-a separate vocal coach session
-vocal coach present at the recordings
-free video registration

We write a text, make the music. We supply a piano backing track plus a practice track (with vocals) so you can practice at home. Then you come to us to do the recordings. We mix and master your song and deliver it as MP3. You will receive a video registration for free. We put it on youtube for you.