who are we

We are enthusiastic music makers with a great passion and a lot of experience in writing music in all kinds of styles. Everything is done and made in-house so that we can keep costs low. We have our own singing studio in Amsterdam West.


We have access to a nice light singing studio in Amsterdam West. We can also use a large dance studio and a workspace for up to 50 people. We also have a mixdown studio for music and video editing. We work with high-quality equipment, (mac) software and plugins.


We love buttons and quality. This means that we are constantly updating our equipment to deliver the best quality. We recently purchased a new iMac 5K and a MacBook Pro, the beautiful Townsend modeling microphone and the iPad Pro. As an audio interface we work with Universal Audio.


We own several beautiful vocal microphones for recording. Each microphone has its own color and sound. Our range at the moment:
-Townsend Sphere L22
– Nuemann TLM102
– AKG C414
– Stagg MCO-7
– Rode NT2-A


Because this work is our passion. For you that means that we do more than you expect. We listen carefully to your wishes and think along. In addition, as a vocal coach, we guide you through the recordings. You get that for free, plus a free video registration with placement on youtube.

de horizon amsterdam

We have different locations; Amsterdam (Westerpark / center), Brecht (near Antwerp), Antwerp (center), Zurich (Switzerland) and Lisbon (Portugal).

our company

We are part of VocalEvents. A creative company specializing in vocal, musical and audiovisual productions


Founder and creator is Michael. Michael studied music at the Arnhem School of the Arts for 6 years, then Art and Media Management at the HKU. He is a vocal coach, conductor of vocal groups and multi-instrumentalist.

He has played programs with Jenny Arean, Tony Neef, John van Eerd, Paul Haenen, Paul de Leeuw and Karin Bloemen. He has given concerts in Paris, London, Munich, Berlin, Krakow, Valencia, Brussels and Dublin.


If desired, we can deliver urgently:
write a song for you, record it and deliver it on MP3 within 2 days
create lyrics within 1 day
Record, edit and deliver a music video within 5 days


If you have any questions, let us know. Mail us, call us, whatsapp us. We are happy to help. Communication and service are of paramount importance to us.


We work with prepayment. For companies with partial prepayment. If you still want to order something extra in the studio, you can do so with your bank card. Very easy!